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Computer Vision and Automated Microscopy.

Dominic currently applies computer vision and machine learning techniques to automate and optimise microscopy acquisition. He is also developing cost effective and efficient augmented reality integration for microscopy. This research is covered in detail in following project page:

Bioimage Analysis.

Prior to his present appointment, Dominic worked as a Bioimage Anlayst and collaborated with a number of researchers to enhance and develope their research. During this time, Dominic developed mulitple tools which assist researchers within this discipline. These repositories include:

Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

During his MSc. Dominic studied computer vision and machine learning and has since being applying these techniques in microscopy image analysis. The following project pages document some of these efforts:

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.

Dominic is a long-time collaborator of Christian Eggeling a pioneer of FCS techniques and their application in nanoscale microscopy and within the fields of biophysical and immunological research. Dominic has developed software and theorectical approaches for point and scanning FCS and has also developed a simulation library which supports this kind of research:

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