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MPC Teacher's Book

The Teacher's Book is an invaluable guide for anyone using the system. it covers all the basic principles of the system, as well as giving helpful notes and advice about how to use MPC in particular circumstances, with students of varying ages and abilities. The Teacher's Book also explains fully how to make the best use of the Workbooks and Word List included in this scheme.

Click here to access web version of entire Teachers book.
Click here to download pdf version of Teachers book.

MPC Reading Workbook

The MPC Reading Workbook teaches the main phonic sounds in the context of simple sentences. The workbook also introduces all the letters of the alphabet, both typograhically and phonetically, so that students learn how to form each letter correctly and associate them with the correct sound. The book is fully illustrated with lively drawings, which encourage language development and help retain the students' interest.

Click here to download pdf version of the entire Reading Workbook.

MPC Spelling Workbook

The MPC Spelling Workbook deals with the main rules of English spelling in the context of the MPC system. It is fully illustrated and includes a helpful checklist for teachers. Since the workbook is concerned with the understanding of spelling in principle, rather than the learning of actual examples of words, the checklist is designed to record when each page has been worked through and understood.

Click here to download pdf version of the entire Spelling Workbook.

MPC Word List

The MPC Word List is basically a 'first' dictionary, made up of the 600 marked with the appropriate cues. The Word List also includes the 100 words most commonly used in popular reading schemes. All the words are listed alphabetically and by first phonic sound. Spaces are left for students to add new words, such as proper names or less familiar words. A checklist is included for teachers.

Click here to download pdf version of the entire Wordlist.

MPC Cue Card

The MPC Cue Card is a teacher's visual aid designed to carefully define each of the 45 main phonic sounds in letters and pictures. For download, there is a large visual representation of the cue card for printing, and also accessible, is the interactive cue card which illustrates an advised method of using the cue card with example sound clips.

Click here to access interactive cue card with sound. Click here to download large cue card Image with colour. Click here to download large cue card Image in black and white.

MPC Reading Material with Marked Phonic Cues

The MPC Reading Material comprises of simple illustrated stories with the MPC symbols already applied, suitable for 7-11 year olds. Three books available for download including: A Brave Girl, Howler the Monkey, and Little Hawk.

Click here to download A Brave Girl book
Click here to download Howler the Monkey book
Click here to download Little Hawk Picture book

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MPC Flashcards

The MPC Flashcards are a collection of useful words for classroom drilling and word attack practice. On one side of the card is a word, and on the other side is the same word but with phonic cues included. Cued words can be shown first and their structure pointed out. Once a few cue cards have been shown in this way, the children will enjoy trying to remember the pronunciation when shown the uncued side of each flashcard. MPC Flashcards for many common words are available for download. Once printed, flashcards should be folded in two and stuck together before being used.

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