The following are testimonials provided by users of MPC:

"I am a curriculum writer, teacher and previously lectured at Charles Sturt University in NSW Australia. My programs, which also use diacritic cues, are currently used internationally. Since knowing of Margaret Sanders approach, I have used her minimal phonic cues to teach adult learners of English as a second language with great success. The system is easy to use, needs no ‘special’ books and adapts readily to any accent or dialect. I heartily recommend it."

Bronwen Moir M Ed, TC, TESOL, Cert 4 TAA.

"We used M.P.C. successfully to help students with reading difficulties. As a short term booster it was very effective and I can recommend it as a scheme which is easy to implement. It has some very useful support materials and I am very grateful to Margaret Sanders for making it available to schools."

Peter Ledgard. Literacy Learning Support.

"..using marked word lists and flash cards, children have been found to take a great interest in noting the relationships between sound and spelling shown by the cues. The study of words became an interesting puzzle game for the brighter children, and the slower children could see some sense in them and not feel utterly confused."

Leonore Ham, A phonic spelling aid. Child Education.

We would be very grateful for testimonials from all users of MPC and if you would like to submit one please use the google community website found using the Forums button of this website

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